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5 Best Read a Loud Picture Book for 3-Year-Old Kid.

Reading books are the best way to develop interpersonal and metalinguistic skills in Kids. Early reading is one of the best ways which helps to develop motor skills. Books help Kids to communicate at an easier and faster rate.

My daughter was 18 months old when I took her to a reading session in Library. I never knew how she might behave or react to the session. Trust me the first session was bit noisy as she did not sit or show any interest.

 Thanks to her teacher who encouraged me to come back for another session. It was a miracle by three classes she started showing interest in the session. As time went by, she was participating in the session and learning new words.

From there the journey of reading started where I use to borrow books from the library and read for her each night.

  • Alan’s Big Scary Teeth.
  • We are going on a Bear Hunt.
  • It wasn’t me.
  • The Graffulo.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


It is a lovely storybook which is written by Jarvis. Pictorially well represented the life of a crocodile who will be scaring everyone by his scary teeth.

Written in very simple English which helps to read aloud to kids. Beautiful and big pictures which attract the kids to stay in the book for longer time.

This was my daughter’s first book got as Book reading Challenge which she made her dad read all day.

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We are going on a bear hunt written by Michael Rosen. The book is a larger print picture which makes it eye-catchy and easy reading. This is one of the most read-aloud books in the session.

 It has won numerous awards and was the subject of a Guinness World Record for “Largest Reading Lesson” with a book-reading attended by 1,500 children, and an additional 30,000 listeners online, in 2014.

The book revolves around three Children who go for a bear hunt where they come across many obstacles. They travel through the river, long grass, mud, first and snowstorm. After all this hard work do you think they saw a bear? The book keeps the mystery as you read it. Kids really enjoy this book when you read aloud and enact it to them.

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This is also one more read-aloud book that is funny and moral based. The book is simple English and very colorful pictures which makes kids to get attracted. Very beautifully illustrated and explained.

Oscar and Ella are the two mischievous kids who always put Patch in trouble. It is a roller coaster ride when both kids learn a lesson from their parents when they put Patch in a serious mess.


To date, I did not understand which animal did the character resemble. But still, my daughter loves the Gruffalo Book. She has a pop book too which shows all the five animals hiding in the wood. The Book as rhyming words and beautiful pictures which helps for a read-aloud book. It is a fictional character that keeps the story in a loop and keeps the kid’s excitement high.

The book is written by Julia Donaldson and it is one of the best-rated books by “Good Reads”. It was penned for readers aged three to seven and is about 700 words long. It is written in rhyming couplets, featuring repetitive verses with minor variance.

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The major themes in this book are related to children. This book shows the development and the growth of a caterpillar which then turns into a beautiful butterfly. The child theme is shown because of the use of language and clear pictures.

The story is about a caterpillar that shows its life cycle from its birth. The Journey starts as it gets hungry each day. His hunger grows big each day, where he eats a lot of fruits and catches stomach aches. The book is best to read aloud because it teaches counting and even the name of days. It is best illustrated by the author and keeps the kid busy in the book.

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27 October 2020 at 1:08 am

These books are well illustrated and beautiful! Good choices, books for kids is so important!

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