Making Life Simple and Savvy.

In today’s world we are more engaged to virtual and materialistic life rather than being practical. We rely so much on Gadgets that can’t spare a minute without it. In olden days people believed in simple living and make there life more productive.

Why can’t we follow few simple living habits to make our self more healthy? Than you are at the correct place.

Welcome to “Thoughtful Mom” a healthy lifestyle and parenting blog .On my blog I will mainly share some productive tips, great ideas for mothers and babies to be healthy and fit. As I am Stay at Home Mom I can understand how difficult it is to manage kids and home. So this is a perfect place where you can relate our daily life’s and make most of it.

Let’s join the group and make use out of it. Productive hacks for a better life to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Do You Want To Know More About Me?

Hi! I am Soumya, staying in India. A Stay at Home Mom of a pre schooler who keeps me on my toes and a wife to a hardworking gentleman who supports me in all the means. Mommy blogger who shares blog post on parenting and lifestyle with simple and savvy ideas. I am very simple person with simple living. My other hobbies are reading books, listening to music and my best stress buster activity is indulge in cooking. To keep my self fit I follow Simple Yoga and trying to follow Minimal Lifestyle.

I started blogging in year 2015 as a hobby where it was on and off. I had no idea of blogging from where to start or how to start. My first free WordPress site was “Innerawarness” where I wrote random post on health and parenting. In 2017 I started writing as a parent blogger and reviewing products for MOMSPRESSO.

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