Bed Routine For Better Sleep.

How much time you take to sleep ? Are you a night owl who does not go to sleep ? Do you know sleep is important for better development of a human being.

I know we all love to sleep for long hours and keep our self up for long late nights. Do you know these habits have let other side effects in our life. Modern lifestyle as made things have made us choose bad habits over good routine. There was a time when I myself you use to go bed by 9:30pm , but now my phone allures me to stay awake till 1am at night. I had perfect reason saying I got time to sneak in my phone after my toddler slept, but I was so wrong and I had my after effects. So please Mum’s stop this habit of late night sleep as we end up in puffed eyes and end up irritated mornings.

Sleep is very essential for every being. We must get a sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours each day. If we have sleep deprivation than it end up in mental issues, health issues and many more.Let’s make our Night Sleep more Productive for a better sleep in night.

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Routine For Better Sleep.

  1. No screen time.
  2. No Gadgets in room.
  3. Relax your Body.
  4. Read a Book.

No screen time

Try not to scroll your phone an hour before going to bed. Try to avoid screen time as it strains your eyes and keeps you awake the whole night. I my self was an owl who use to stick to my phone till 1am in night and got up in a hang over mood each morning. So it’s complete NO! NO! to phone.

No Gadgets in Bed Room

Bedroom is a place where we sleep in peace. Bedroom as to be quiet place for resting.Try not to carry any gadgets like laptop, I pad , or phone. The notifications of the gadgets tempt us to stick to the screen all time. Does this not happen to you, when a notification makes a sound automatically our brain goes to see the message. So better leave all the gadgets in the living room. Gadgets are main disturbance as they create a barrier between our Mind and Sleep. The thing is we are more addicted to the Gadgets that we have made them as our life partner.

Relax Your Body.

Okay! Gadgets are out so no more mental distraction. Now lets relax for body which get’s tired by our daily activities. Do you know even more tired body can’t sleep properly in Night. To avoid this you can try soothing bath with a help of soothing bath gel or essential oils which relaxes our muscles. For the tired legs try to soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes which relaxes the leg muscles and helps to attain more sound sleep.

Read a Book

Try keeping a habit of reading a book for half an hour or read a chapter of any novel which drives you to sleep. This will help to relax our mind and help to create good dreams in night. Reading books decrease the stress level in an Adult . So grab any one of favorite bed time book which put’s you to sleep early.

One of My Best Book which I keep beside my Bed. Click below to read more.

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