Benefits of Waking Up at 6:00am and How to do it.

Early to Rise

During my childhood I always saw my granny got up by 5:00am in the morning. Whether she had any work or no she use to get up and make us also awake by 6:00am. She use to say morning time is a golden time where our brain is 85% fresh. Exactly ! check even with the science data which proves the oxygen rate is quite high during morning hours. So preferably people recommend to go for walk or do yoga during morning hours. It’s not hard to get up early but it needs a week time to make body adjusted to the REM of the brain. Just follow these steps where you will love to get up early and make your morning more productive.

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  1. Alarm Clock.
  2. Stretch.
  3. Pray/ meditate.
  4. Make your bed.
  5. Make a to do list.
  6. Stay away from gadgets.

Alarm Clock.

First replace your Phone with a Table Alarm clock. I know even I use to keep alarm in my phone. When ever the alarm rang I use to hit the stop button and sleep or keep it in snooze mode and got up late at least by 45 minutes. So leave this habit and keep a simple table clock at least bit far from your bed, So when alarm rings we could get up and off it. It’s the first basic way to force your self to get up till your brain adjusted to the cycle.

Alarm Clock


Once we are awoken try to do mild stretching exercise in bed so we can relive our ached muscles. Try stretching your legs, arms do some head rotating exercise. It makes our blood flow normal after we get up from 8 hours of sleep.

Pray/ Meditate.

My granny taught few sholka’s which we use to recite in bed once we have got up. We use to pray to god, to start our day with his blessings and thank him for giving another day in life. It’s best way to kick start our brain which was sleeping for 7 to 8 hours. If you don’t know sholka’s just close your eyes and pray or meditate.

Make your bed.

Once we get down from the bed, try to tidy up your bedroom. Fold your blankets, try to make your bed, keep pillow organised. By doing this you will save time in cleaning and always you will find your bed perfect for you to sleep.

Plan for your Day.

While sipping your coffee try to plan for the further day. Try to list down five most essential and important task to be completed. Don’t rush or don’t over write that you get confused and can’t finish any of the tasks. Make your plan with respective to the time so you can make most from your morning time.

Stay away from gadgets

Raise your hand who sneaks in there phone as soon you get up. Stop this habit right now, our morning time is usually eaten away by the screen time. So don’t look for your phone/gadget at least for an hour after you have got up.

Does any one as a habit of carrying there mobile phone to the washrooms? Do you know exactly how much time do we waste in it ?

I read a wonderful article on ” Using Phone in Washroom”, where it says we waste maximum of an hour scrolling down the phone which not only wastes time but also have very bad health hazard.Once try this keeping your phone out and see how much time you will save and how quick you will come out of the washroom.

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