2020 : 3 Simple Face Routines For Glowing Skin at Home

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Have you ever wondered how these models and actress gets picture-perfect skin? I know your answer would be cosmetic surgery, laser, and spending a huge amount on expensive brands which will just empty our pockets. It is always a dream for a girl to have a beautiful, flawless, and bright skin type. Then why this dream becomes a nightmare when we become mothers? We try to give lame reasons like no time or who want to spend more money on those products or we are just lazy.

I agree I was very lazy, I saw many YouTube videos of famous vloggers where they shared those skin routines which had some nine steps and time-consuming. Even though the watching video’s were fun but practically giving so much time was not on my plate. So I did my part of research where I felt only 3 steps are very essential and it takes less than 10 minutes.

The basic Skin routine includes :

  • Cleaning.
  • Toning.
  • Moisturizing.

Let it be any basic skin routine as these three steps and the best time to follow is at the night time. After a long and tiring day, your skin always needs some pampering and soothing effect. Even Night time is the best time as your kid is off to bed and you can spend less than 10 minutes to pamper your skin before going bed. The skin routine can be followed by working mums to stay at home mom and any skin types. Fo the best result do this for a week’s time and see the outcome by yourself.


Facial cleaning is not rocket science don’t go for any product until unless you are prone to acne or have sensitive skin. If you have a normal skin type just wash your face with normal face wash or plain water.

If you really want to ditch outside products than try this home remedy using normal Gram flour (Besan ) for cleaning your face. Another best home remedy is to use a drop of honey infused with milk. Dip a cotton swab in the honey-infused milk and wipe all on your face and neck. You can notice that honey and milk will remove dirt and cleanses the face eventually.

If your skin is acne-prone or sensitive skin then use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is one of the dermatologists recommend which gives a soothing effect and maintains the pH balance. This is a mild soap-free formula that removes the dirt, makeup, retains freshness, and cleanses the face.

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The other product which is pocket friendly and has a plant-based formula. Himalaya face wash as many different varieties with different ingredients that work really well for all skin types. According to your skin type, you can choose the face cream for your daily uses.


Toning is a procedure that helps to increase the muscle tone or facial volume by preventing muscle loss. Tonning even helps for proper blood circulation with helping to prevent facial pores. The best tonner is rose water which helps to achieve glowing and clear skin. Rosewater is a natural toner that is made from rose petals distilled in the high steam.

You can tone your skin by using Rose quartz roller or Jade roller which are easily available online. Regular toning helps to remove the dead skin and gives clear skin. Mama earth toner is the best and pocket-friendly product which is enriched with Vitamin C. Mama earth toner is alcohol-free and aloe vera based with pore tightening and gives firmness the skin.

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Patanjali Rosewater is one more natural product that helps as makeup removal giving a cool and soothing effect. Cucumber and Aloe vera is also plant-based toner which gives soothing effect without any side effects.


After cleaning and toning, moisturizing is the last step which hydrates the skin. Moisturizing is the essential step as it stops the dryness of the skin and allows the skin to be soft, wrinkle-free and gives a glow to the skin.

Simple moisturizer like aloe vera gel is one of the best plant-based creams which instantly dries up and leaves the skin soft and bright. The best and effective is Kesar Aloe vera Gel which can be applied twice a time after washing your face. It as an amazing smell, nonstick in nature and gives a glow on your skin.

Another product which I use is Himalaya Night Cream which revitalizes and nourishes the skin. It is made from white lily and tomato which brightens the skin. The cream is non-greasy in nature, has a cooling effect with a pleasant smell.

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You can use a serum-based moisturizer which as anti-wrinkle and age-defying properties which helps to revitalize your skin type. If you are very keen about your moisturizer then consult a dermatologist to know your skin type and choose a good product.

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Mother’s Day Special : Tips to be Happy and Healthy Stay at Home Mom.

stay at home mom

Firstly “Happy Mother’s Day ” to all the Beautiful Mom.

When I was at college I was very much career oriented and fixed my self as a “Working Woman”. My dream was all ways to for Big Industries. My fate was so lucky that I did not get a single opportunity to be called as a “Working Lady”.

Yes ! I am not Working, I am “house wife” and ” stay at home mom” . This is my casual answer to my family and friends when they ask about my self. I really appreciate the comments what they judge about me, but I got used to it. At early stages it was difficult to digest to be called as “Stay at Home Mom”, but I guarantee you it is one of the difficult job as you go both physical and mental stress. Later I realized the importance of “SAHM” and found the art of being happy and stop cribbing.

I know there are many mother’s who left there job to look after there kids family, later they felt it difficult to be a SHAM. Now I found my happiness being SHAM. Finding happiness does not mean, that I get time to get glued to Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other means of entertainment.

It’s just I have maintained a schedule time table for my work chart. Try to optimize the time so that you get “ME” time too. I will list down few of my tips which worked to keep me happy and healthy “Stay at Home Mom”.

Daily and Major Task.

Other Task.

Schedule Your Work.

Being a house wife and a mother is not easy. It’s true, as all your family are totally dependent on you. Try this once when you are ill or you go out for a day, your husband will be the first person who will realize your importance soon. So it’s better to plan ahead. If needed divide your work with your partner. I always keep reminders on my phone calendar or use personal diary to make a monthly plan.

Personal Recommendation : Try this” Calendar -Family Organizer” Application.

These planner’s help you to fix monthly activities which are must to do, like buying groceries on weekends, visiting any doctor appointments or planning vacation.

Plan a Day Ahead.

Try to write down your essential major three tasks which you want finish for the next day. Before going to bed I keep a habit of writing the things which are the important task to be finished first. Like doing laundry or ironing the clothes or making plan to visit the salon. These things are not fixative, but as to be done once or twice in a week.

Meal Plan.

When ever I ask my family “what you would like to have for dinner” there lame answers are “Anything”. But the moment they come to dinning table they start making faces. It was very hard initially to fix the 3 course meal, later I found a small trick. Try make a Weekly Meal Chart which makes you easy even to buy the Monthly Groceries, Saves your Cooking time and Maintain a perfect Balance of Diet. Put up the Meal Chart On your fridge so your family member would come to know what’s there for the menu.

Daily House Chores.

It’s your home, you are the boss lady of that home. So make sure the house is clean and perfect with a happy ambiance. Decorate the home the way you like it, with flowers or lights or candles, it’s in your hand how you want your home to be. Don’t get stressed of cleaning or tidying up, daily spend 20 minutes for Vacuuming and Cleaning. Do a deep cleaning with your husband once a week so you won’t feel burdened. Stick to the time and finish the work quick. Help your self by playing your favorite playlist while wrapping up House Chores, so you won’t feel the burden of work.

Me Time

If you plan and execute the work according to the above points than definitely you can make a hour or two free for your self. In this “Me Time” try to hit a gym or go far walk, or learn something new activity which makes you happy. Go to mommy club where you find other SAHM, who share there views. As they say “Bird of same feather flock together”.

It’s my own story as I was depressed and felt alone being home and managing Kid, than my friend made me join “Mum’s and Bumps” group which was open to new mother’s to come with there little one where they shared “How they Manage time and family”. After math I made my own time table where I use to go for walk in evening or attend some baking classes. It’s just I found my time to be happy and healthy.

Optimize Monthly Budget.

When I talk about monthly budget or expenses , the cases might differ from one individual to other. It does not matter if you are not working, but you have all the contribution to support your family. Fix a monthly budget is one way to optimize or the other is keep a budget planner who tracks your expenses. The best way a SAHM can contribute is stop the unnecessary expenses and other is shop your grocery wisely. Check for free coupons or use the add on points which help you while shopping.

Learn Something New.

There is no harm to make your time more productive. Try to learn something out of interest, which helps you building your career or helps you to find happiness. During my childhood I missed learning swimming, but now I have joined swimming classes where they use to teach both mum and the baby. Yes! it’s true and I had amazing experience. Learning new activity keeps you busy and who knows they might value later too. Check these Links Below for to Earn Extra.

Voluntary Works.

This is again a personal perspective of an individual. If you love doing Voluntary or Charity work please go ahead. Plan accordingly your free time, go for half a day or an hour. This might help you earn some pocket money. Try some free article writing or show your talent as a online tutor which gives you an identity. It does not matter whether you are paid or not, important is you get happy out of the work you do.

Don’t feel embarrassed to say we are “Stay at Home Mom” because it needs lot of patience and dedication to upheld the house work at correct time. It’s not easy job to snub our emotions or depression but we choose this as a priority to be “SHAM”. Feel proud of your self at this special day as we all are loving mother’s to our kids. I swear when we just spend happy moment with our little one’s we forget our self.


Benefits of Waking Up at 6:00am and How to do it.

good morning routine

Early to Rise

During my childhood I always saw my granny got up by 5:00am in the morning. Whether she had any work or no she use to get up and make us also awake by 6:00am. She use to say morning time is a golden time where our brain is 85% fresh. Exactly ! check even with the science data which proves the oxygen rate is quite high during morning hours. So preferably people recommend to go for walk or do yoga during morning hours. It’s not hard to get up early but it needs a week time to make body adjusted to the REM of the brain. Just follow these steps where you will love to get up early and make your morning more productive.

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  1. Alarm Clock.
  2. Stretch.
  3. Pray/ meditate.
  4. Make your bed.
  5. Make a to do list.
  6. Stay away from gadgets.

Alarm Clock.

First replace your Phone with a Table Alarm clock. I know even I use to keep alarm in my phone. When ever the alarm rang I use to hit the stop button and sleep or keep it in snooze mode and got up late at least by 45 minutes. So leave this habit and keep a simple table clock at least bit far from your bed, So when alarm rings we could get up and off it. It’s the first basic way to force your self to get up till your brain adjusted to the cycle.

Alarm Clock


Once we are awoken try to do mild stretching exercise in bed so we can relive our ached muscles. Try stretching your legs, arms do some head rotating exercise. It makes our blood flow normal after we get up from 8 hours of sleep.

Pray/ Meditate.

My granny taught few sholka’s which we use to recite in bed once we have got up. We use to pray to god, to start our day with his blessings and thank him for giving another day in life. It’s best way to kick start our brain which was sleeping for 7 to 8 hours. If you don’t know sholka’s just close your eyes and pray or meditate.

Make your bed.

Once we get down from the bed, try to tidy up your bedroom. Fold your blankets, try to make your bed, keep pillow organised. By doing this you will save time in cleaning and always you will find your bed perfect for you to sleep.

Plan for your Day.

While sipping your coffee try to plan for the further day. Try to list down five most essential and important task to be completed. Don’t rush or don’t over write that you get confused and can’t finish any of the tasks. Make your plan with respective to the time so you can make most from your morning time.

Stay away from gadgets

Raise your hand who sneaks in there phone as soon you get up. Stop this habit right now, our morning time is usually eaten away by the screen time. So don’t look for your phone/gadget at least for an hour after you have got up.

Does any one as a habit of carrying there mobile phone to the washrooms? Do you know exactly how much time do we waste in it ?

I read a wonderful article on ” Using Phone in Washroom”, where it says we waste maximum of an hour scrolling down the phone which not only wastes time but also have very bad health hazard.Once try this keeping your phone out and see how much time you will save and how quick you will come out of the washroom.

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5 Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms

Lavender Flowers

When I gave birth to my daughter it was a very special moment to me and to my better half. We were very happy and blessed to have a little angel in our life. As days passed by I started realizing it’s not so easy to be a mom because my responsibility became more towards my family.

In this busy schedule getting time for yourself is very tough. So I started following a few basic self-care routines which really helped me to find myself back. Let’s get into some action and start our Self Care Routine.

Wake Up Before Your Kid.

Make a habit of getting up an hour early than your kid. It helps to save time to finish your morning chores. I know it is difficult to get up early but I promise it’s a matter of few days. Once you get used to it, you will start loving to get up early.

Cup of Coffee

The major advantage of getting up early is you have a peaceful and fresh environment in your home. Silently you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee, do yoga for 15- 20 minutes, make a plan for the rest of the day, cook breakfast, and wrap up with kitchen work. So once your kid gets up you can give your time to the little one. I swear once you finish with basic work we feel so happy and relaxed.

Pamper Your Self.

Once we become mothers we forget that there is a little girl deep down our heart. The girl who used to wear makeup, carry her self in a heel, wore different shades of lip color, dazzle her self with matched jewelry. Let’s not give any excuse and start to get ready for our self. Let’s pamper ourselves and see how happy you feel.

Hair spa

Pampering is not only applying makeup or getting ready. It can be a simple tub bath or hot shower where we can relax and rejuvenate our body and soul. Indulge in some DIY face mask for glowing skin or hair treatment to overcome post par tum pregnancy blues.

Hit to the beauty salon on weekends for a body massage or hair spa or any beauty treatment. Try to keep yourself young and beautiful. As I said don’t get ready for your partner or for others, get ready for yourself for your happiness.

Get Creative.

We usually face high level of stress due to lack of sleep, lot of work and doing multi tasking in home. Some ladies face ” Pregnancy Blues” or “Post par tum depression” these are mainly caused by hormonal imbalance and loss of vitamins.

Green tea and Books

The best way to keep our soul and mind happy is start reading a book , listen to music while doing house chores. Join a dance class for fun and workout, join some mum’s club where you find other mum of your age who share same thoughts. Give time for your self, if you are happy we can keep our family and house happy.

Rekindle Your Love.

There is no harm to do romantic with your partner, some time we need to ignite our relationship. Once a month have some night out or go for a movie or plan a date. Ask for your parents to come over and spend some time with their grandkid or hire a nanny for a day for you couples to take a break. Don’t get guilty for leaving your kid back, trust me they will be fine.


I remember my first time when I left my kid in home with my parents and went for shopping with my husband. I had to call thrice to cross check on her but later I got used to it. Even mom’s need a break, even we are human’s . So taking a break once a while is good for you and for your relationship.

Be Fit and Healthy.

Most important and crucial is to be fit and take a good care of health. During child birth we lose lot of blood which results in weakness and fatigue. Due to hormonal imbalance we under go lot of changes in our body, we tend to put on weight or have some sciatic nerve pains have loss of hair. To maintain proper health we have to do some basic workout.


Start with a brisk walk or jog for 20 minutes, join a zumba class, eat healthy food avoid junk foods, drink lots of water keep your self hydrated, incorporate some supplements ( Calcium/Iron/Vitamins) to get energy. Try to be fit and healthy so you can feel more confident and happy. There is no harm in doing exercise, it as it’s own benefits.

Follow these basic daily routine for self care and see how good you feel about it. Let your partner know about your routine so he can encourage you by giving your time and your personal space.

5 Daily Habits to be Active and Happy Mom.

Happy Mom

Morning, when we get up our energy level, are at their peak but after two hours we see a drop in our energy rate and we tend to get less active. Being active means being healthy, but we tend to get lazier to get active and fresh. It’s tougher for a mother to maintain a stress-free life. Maintaining family, doing house chores and her work life make her more tired and exhausted by the day.

I am a couch potato, I use to push my work for a later purpose and again blame that I am not able to make time for myself and end up getting irritated all time. Due to a lack of energy, I started taking supplements to support my body. Later I found a simple solution for all my problems. It was to be active and make time for myself and be a happy MOM.

Start your day with a Smile.

First thing first, as soon you get up don’t think of work. Set a beautiful smile and thank God for such a beautiful day. As a mom keep a habit of getting up an hour early than all family members. By doing this you can get time for yourself.

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After we wake up from 7 to 8 hours of sleep our body needs water to make our organs to get functional and active. To start our day we usually stick to drink hot tea or coffee, we think these caffeinated drinks give us a kick start but we are doing it the wrong way. Caffeinated drinks on empty stomach on 8 hours gap tend to create high acidity which weakens our body.

To start our day, try two glass of plain warm water which acts as a cleansing agent and help in proper bowel moment. For a variation, we can add up half a teaspoon of honey and lemon which helps in weight loss and builds immunity as lemon is rich in Vitamin C . Try to follow this simple routine for a week’s time soon you will see the result.

Little Stretching Little Breathing.

Warm water helps us to awaken the internal body system, now let’s awaken our external body parts. It’s very important to do basic stretching and bending to move our muscles which was relaxed for 7 to 8 hours. Awaking of our internal body is important to keep mental peace. As a mom, it’s important to keep patience and have mental peace to handle a busy day. Daily keep a habit of doing meditation which gives energy and keeps you happy from inside.

By doing above all we try to channelize proper blood circulation to each part of the body. Keep a practice of basic stretching or basic pranayama which helps to activate our cells and tissues by getting the right amount of oxygen and blood for the proper function of the organs. A healthy mom is a happy mom, so keep this daily habit of doing basic exercise. If time permits go for a morning brisk walk which gives keeps you fit and fresh all day.

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Eating Right Food.

Managing home and work is a tough job for a mom. So it’s better to eat the right food at the correct time. Food plays an important role as it gives energy but we have to maintain a balanced diet that is filled with the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Keep a habit of eating more green leafy vegetable which is rich in iron and folic acid. Post-pregnancy lowers the level of calcium and iron intake which makes us weak and tired. So eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which keep energized all day.

We often feel more sleepy and lethargic after a heavy meal because our brain tends to get more blood supply which releases sleep hormones and tends to make us sleepy.

To avoid lethargy I suggest to have light meal in the morning filled with proteins, boiled vegetables or fruits which keeps us active during the day. Try to ditch caffeinated drinks and substitute with fruit juice or green tea.

Take a Break.

Find time for oneself is also important to be happy and to keep yourself active. I personally feel taking a break is no harm for a mom. Rather I personally take a 30-minute nap in the afternoon to give my body and mind rest. A lot of people suggested we should not sleep in the afternoon as makes you lazier. But the fact is it makes you fresh and active after a 30 minute Nap.

Keep Mind Happy.

Our Brain is such a powerful element in our body that controls the whole body system and even involuntarily makes us do things. So never ever let your brain decide what you want to do.

Take my example each night I decide to get up early and go for a walk for 40 minutes, but at that right time my brain puts me in a dilemma by deciding “It’s very cold outside why can’t I sleep for more 10 minutes”, and my walk ends there only.

Ignore petty talks and quarrels. These are the small things that eat out mental peace all day. To keep mind busy join some hobby classes where you can learn new things and be happy.

To make our mind strong, stop that psychological block saying “I can’t do ” to “I can do”, then see the difference. It’s initially tough but later it will be a habit. There is no harm to be active and happy it’s just we need to push ourselves to make some simple things like our daily habits. In fact, being active means being disease-free. Whenever our body says to get lazy just say no and try diverting your mind.