How to Discipline Your Kid Without Yelling.

Shouting on Kid

“No! means No! If you won’t stop crying and screaming, I will punish you Hard”. This is how you can imagine a yelling or angry mom who is trying teach some discipline to their kid.

Losing mind is very a natural behaviour which we see in any parent. It is not by choice but some where we lack the patience to make our kids understand.

When I was small my parents usually did the same where me and my sister were scared of my dad. Till date me and my sister discuss the same with my dad and ask him the reason that “Why was he so strict with us”. His answer was simple “I wanted to teach my kids proper discipline of society”. I feel in olden days yelling was only a means to communicate with there kid.

Yelling and shouting only makes our kid to be scared by us. They try to have emotional break down if we scare them by yelling.

Discipline is the foundation upon which all success is built.Lack of discipline inevitably leads to failure.

By Jim Rohn

I know it’s not easy and the cases might differ from individual kid’s too. I have also gone through this phase and believe me it made me feel like as if I am “bad mother” or have “high BP”. So I tried to change the way of handling the tantrums of my kid.

Inner Peace

Kids are meant to throw tantrums because till age of 5 it’s very difficult for them to adjust and understand the norms of life. They only express through there anger, crying or by showing any form of aggression which we feel like a tantrum.

In such situation try to be calm and handle with peace. Try to understand the reason why are they irritated and handle with calm mind.

 Let them vent out all there emotions, when the kid settles in talk to them calmly. The point is when you are also calm and the kid than it is easy to communicate and teach them that they were wrong.

When the Kid is irritated and even, we direct them with anger than they become more adamant. They start hating us rather loving. Once this tendency grows than till the maturity age they will remember you as a bad parent.

Always there will be a way out. Yelling and Shouting is not a solution. They will understand you when they also calm down. Keep patience this is the first step to tackle them.

Ignorance is a Bliss.

I know things can’t be handled with calm mind all the time. Sometimes we need to ignore if the things move up from our head. There was a incident where my daughter use to cry for chocolates it’s like demanding for more. So I started ignoring her demand.

Try to ignore the things once or twice.  Eventually they will realize that we are not listening and they will try to stop their tantrums.Ignoring things will check your patience, as kids take there own time to settle in the situation.

Rules are Rules.

When the topic comes for teaching discipline and manners to kid’s we have to follow few rules which implies to both parent and kid.

  • Try to appreciate by a reward when your kid behaves properly in a crowd.
  • Try to make them understand the good and bad way behaving in front of others.
  • Stop them not yell on them when you feel they are wrong and ask them calmly for the reason.
  •  Analyse why is kid upset, it might be due to lack of sleep, hunger pranks or they really might not be well.

Try to follow certain pattern, try to be consistent. First rule is handle with calm mind just don’t give up. Understand they are just kids who don’t know the manners or discipline of the society. It’s just us who wants to make them perfect. As time passes by they will understand it.

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Simple and Savvy Ideas to avoid Screen Time for Kids.

screen time for Kids

Are you fed up with screen time issue with your kids ? Are your kids addicted to i pad , mobile or any other gadgets. This is a very common problem in every’s one house which is faced by all moms. Even I am also in the same boat as I get lectured daily by my mom. My mom blames me for her addiction to the gadgets. We mother’s are always used to the “blame game” it’s not new to us.

Le’t consider this, you are asked to be away from your mobile phone for 24 hours and as a reward you are given ransom amount. Will you accept this challenge? You can’t. When we adults know the pros and cons of the gadgets and still we carry our phone next to our bed. Than imagine how will you teach a four year old to stay away from the gadgets.

Yes! I let my daughter to see i pad but I have my own method to tackle the tantrums to stop the screen time addiction. It’s very simple and it needs slight shift of attention. Try to divert there mind set and try to divert your own mind set especially mother’s as you spend lot of time with your kid.

Parents please don’t try to yell or snatch there i pad it will make them more rebel and addicted to there gadgets. Avoid putting passwords, kids are far more intelligent. Don’t make them Youtube zombies rather download any educational application which helps them to learn something new.

You do “First” than I will also “DO”.

Have you heard the story of “Cap seller and the Monkey“. Practically “You” are the “Cap seller” and your “kid” is your “Monkey”. It was my personal experience with my daughter. She use to be okay till I will be playing with her, but the moment I pick my phone she use to ask for her I pad. Than I realized she wanted my attention, she wanted some one to play with her. When ever I use to take her to play or fix a play date she use to be most happy kid.

So always remember your kid follows your foot steps. First let us try to lessen our screen time rather lecturing our kids. Try to maintain a time table where you can give time to your kid. Remember if you were 90’s kid than look at your self how you have spent your childhood.

Engage more in Outdoor Activities.

Try to understand your kid’s interests which games or activities they love and happy to do it. Search for those opportunities and try engaging them, it will help to develop there skills and intellectual.Sport’s in one of the best activity which helps in proper growth of the kid.

I remember my childhood where my mom kept me busy, after finishing my school by 3:00 pm , I had my Carnatic Music classes and on alternate days Badminton classes. My entire schooling days was occupied and never realized how my childhood passed.

Kids Playing

I am trying to follow the same, my daughter loves to dance and to paint. To improve her skills I have put her to the classes where she enjoys her time. Just try to explore there interests and put it in positive direction.

Books are Your Best Friends.

Books are always your best friends, not only to kids but too adults too. Indulge in more reading. For toddlers use activity books or sticker books which help them to grow there creative instinct. Books also increases vocabulary, raises self-esteem, builds good communication skills, and helps in inter personal development.

Screen time is Good.

Yes! you heard me right screen time is good. Don’t judge me but it is also important how you use the screen time for your kids. Amid of this Covid 19 all the schools are becoming online, studies have become app based than tell me how is it wrong. I myself give an hour to two for my kid for her to learn her phonetics and numbers.

See any bad habit can’t be stopped suddenly, we have to deal slowly to leave that habit. It’s the same with the screen time, if we try to snatch the gadgets or try hiding them than kids will get more prone or addicted towards it. Better give time, let them settle in. Regardless the technology is based on gadgets, so we can’t deny it. It’s just we need to put a proper protocol for the usage.

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Mother’s Day Special : Tips to be Happy and Healthy Stay at Home Mom.

stay at home mom

Firstly “Happy Mother’s Day ” to all the Beautiful Mom.

When I was at college I was very much career oriented and fixed my self as a “Working Woman”. My dream was all ways to for Big Industries. My fate was so lucky that I did not get a single opportunity to be called as a “Working Lady”.

Yes ! I am not Working, I am “house wife” and ” stay at home mom” . This is my casual answer to my family and friends when they ask about my self. I really appreciate the comments what they judge about me, but I got used to it. At early stages it was difficult to digest to be called as “Stay at Home Mom”, but I guarantee you it is one of the difficult job as you go both physical and mental stress. Later I realized the importance of “SAHM” and found the art of being happy and stop cribbing.

I know there are many mother’s who left there job to look after there kids family, later they felt it difficult to be a SHAM. Now I found my happiness being SHAM. Finding happiness does not mean, that I get time to get glued to Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other means of entertainment.

It’s just I have maintained a schedule time table for my work chart. Try to optimize the time so that you get “ME” time too. I will list down few of my tips which worked to keep me happy and healthy “Stay at Home Mom”.

Daily and Major Task.

Other Task.

Schedule Your Work.

Being a house wife and a mother is not easy. It’s true, as all your family are totally dependent on you. Try this once when you are ill or you go out for a day, your husband will be the first person who will realize your importance soon. So it’s better to plan ahead. If needed divide your work with your partner. I always keep reminders on my phone calendar or use personal diary to make a monthly plan.

Personal Recommendation : Try this” Calendar -Family Organizer” Application.

These planner’s help you to fix monthly activities which are must to do, like buying groceries on weekends, visiting any doctor appointments or planning vacation.

Plan a Day Ahead.

Try to write down your essential major three tasks which you want finish for the next day. Before going to bed I keep a habit of writing the things which are the important task to be finished first. Like doing laundry or ironing the clothes or making plan to visit the salon. These things are not fixative, but as to be done once or twice in a week.

Meal Plan.

When ever I ask my family “what you would like to have for dinner” there lame answers are “Anything”. But the moment they come to dinning table they start making faces. It was very hard initially to fix the 3 course meal, later I found a small trick. Try make a Weekly Meal Chart which makes you easy even to buy the Monthly Groceries, Saves your Cooking time and Maintain a perfect Balance of Diet. Put up the Meal Chart On your fridge so your family member would come to know what’s there for the menu.

Daily House Chores.

It’s your home, you are the boss lady of that home. So make sure the house is clean and perfect with a happy ambiance. Decorate the home the way you like it, with flowers or lights or candles, it’s in your hand how you want your home to be. Don’t get stressed of cleaning or tidying up, daily spend 20 minutes for Vacuuming and Cleaning. Do a deep cleaning with your husband once a week so you won’t feel burdened. Stick to the time and finish the work quick. Help your self by playing your favorite playlist while wrapping up House Chores, so you won’t feel the burden of work.

Me Time

If you plan and execute the work according to the above points than definitely you can make a hour or two free for your self. In this “Me Time” try to hit a gym or go far walk, or learn something new activity which makes you happy. Go to mommy club where you find other SAHM, who share there views. As they say “Bird of same feather flock together”.

It’s my own story as I was depressed and felt alone being home and managing Kid, than my friend made me join “Mum’s and Bumps” group which was open to new mother’s to come with there little one where they shared “How they Manage time and family”. After math I made my own time table where I use to go for walk in evening or attend some baking classes. It’s just I found my time to be happy and healthy.

Optimize Monthly Budget.

When I talk about monthly budget or expenses , the cases might differ from one individual to other. It does not matter if you are not working, but you have all the contribution to support your family. Fix a monthly budget is one way to optimize or the other is keep a budget planner who tracks your expenses. The best way a SAHM can contribute is stop the unnecessary expenses and other is shop your grocery wisely. Check for free coupons or use the add on points which help you while shopping.

Learn Something New.

There is no harm to make your time more productive. Try to learn something out of interest, which helps you building your career or helps you to find happiness. During my childhood I missed learning swimming, but now I have joined swimming classes where they use to teach both mum and the baby. Yes! it’s true and I had amazing experience. Learning new activity keeps you busy and who knows they might value later too. Check these Links Below for to Earn Extra.

Voluntary Works.

This is again a personal perspective of an individual. If you love doing Voluntary or Charity work please go ahead. Plan accordingly your free time, go for half a day or an hour. This might help you earn some pocket money. Try some free article writing or show your talent as a online tutor which gives you an identity. It does not matter whether you are paid or not, important is you get happy out of the work you do.

Don’t feel embarrassed to say we are “Stay at Home Mom” because it needs lot of patience and dedication to upheld the house work at correct time. It’s not easy job to snub our emotions or depression but we choose this as a priority to be “SHAM”. Feel proud of your self at this special day as we all are loving mother’s to our kids. I swear when we just spend happy moment with our little one’s we forget our self.

How to Handle Hyper Active Kids in Home.

Active Kid

It’s been one and half month we are under a lock down due to Covid-19 pandemic. This lock down as given me patience to handle my 4 year hyper active daughter who does not stick to one game. I swear! that let this situation dissolve soon and get back all our life to normal. I know there might be more mother’s like me facing this situation to handle there hyper active child.

Being Hyper active is not a problem, the problem is we can’t meet there level of energy. There energy level are twice more than us as they are child with beautiful hearts and blank mind. As we are adults we have mental stress as well as physical stress which eat’s up our energy level. Hyper active kids are very spontaneous, they does not like to sit at one place. All the time either they want jump, or pull over books or mess your kitchen or just meddle with with personal belongings. So I share few tips which helped me to ease down the hyper activeness of my daughter.

Understand Your Kid.

Each Kid is different from other kid. Each kid as it’s own priorities and different taste of play. First understand what your kid like’s a lot. Some kid’s like painting some like music or let it be anything else. Just let them enjoy the activity which they like and happy to do. In the mean time just keep a look which activity keeps them calm and makes them sit at one place. My daughter loves jumping on the bed or on the couch or anything because she think’s her self as peppa who loves to jump in muddy puddle.

Indulge In Your Work.

You might feel this might be in sane but I bet you will start loving the work when you do with your kid. Give the work as a task which they take it sportively, tiny work like helping to load/unload the dishes, tidying there room/toys. It might not work with in a day’s time, but eventually they will understand and help you. In this manner we gave keep them engaged and help there energy to be utilized in a productive way.

Keep Them Busy.

Yesterday I just did bit of moderation in my daughter’s room. I placed a white board where she can stick a paper and paint anytime. For the floors I used alphabet mat to keep the tiles clean and room hazel free. Try to organise the toys in different boxes so it will be easy for them to play and easy to do tidy up. Let them room be there’s where they can manage to play, sing dance eventually you can drop by to play with them. This will lessen your cleaning job and allow kids to be busy in there own room to carry different activities.

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Let Book’s be there Friends.

Keep a habit of reading a book of story to kid at early stages. When she was 15 months , I use to take her to a library session carried out by her play group. First few sessions she did not understand anything, even I felt less interested as I realized what she might understand. Later her teacher suggested this might take few weeks to settle her in. As day’s passed my daughter fell in love with books. Each night I started reading stories, later I could find her enjoying it. Now she is 4 year old, she tells stories in her own way, only by seeing the pictures she makes her own story and tell to me.Reading books as there own benefits on kids. It’s only we have to give time. Now book’s have helped me to keep her busy in home.

Grab Some of the best book set here : 10 Board Books For Kids.

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5 Daily Habits to be Active and Happy Mom.

Happy Mom

Morning, when we get up our energy level, are at their peak but after two hours we see a drop in our energy rate and we tend to get less active. Being active means being healthy, but we tend to get lazier to get active and fresh. It’s tougher for a mother to maintain a stress-free life. Maintaining family, doing house chores and her work life make her more tired and exhausted by the day.

I am a couch potato, I use to push my work for a later purpose and again blame that I am not able to make time for myself and end up getting irritated all time. Due to a lack of energy, I started taking supplements to support my body. Later I found a simple solution for all my problems. It was to be active and make time for myself and be a happy MOM.

Start your day with a Smile.

First thing first, as soon you get up don’t think of work. Set a beautiful smile and thank God for such a beautiful day. As a mom keep a habit of getting up an hour early than all family members. By doing this you can get time for yourself.

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After we wake up from 7 to 8 hours of sleep our body needs water to make our organs to get functional and active. To start our day we usually stick to drink hot tea or coffee, we think these caffeinated drinks give us a kick start but we are doing it the wrong way. Caffeinated drinks on empty stomach on 8 hours gap tend to create high acidity which weakens our body.

To start our day, try two glass of plain warm water which acts as a cleansing agent and help in proper bowel moment. For a variation, we can add up half a teaspoon of honey and lemon which helps in weight loss and builds immunity as lemon is rich in Vitamin C . Try to follow this simple routine for a week’s time soon you will see the result.

Little Stretching Little Breathing.

Warm water helps us to awaken the internal body system, now let’s awaken our external body parts. It’s very important to do basic stretching and bending to move our muscles which was relaxed for 7 to 8 hours. Awaking of our internal body is important to keep mental peace. As a mom, it’s important to keep patience and have mental peace to handle a busy day. Daily keep a habit of doing meditation which gives energy and keeps you happy from inside.

By doing above all we try to channelize proper blood circulation to each part of the body. Keep a practice of basic stretching or basic pranayama which helps to activate our cells and tissues by getting the right amount of oxygen and blood for the proper function of the organs. A healthy mom is a happy mom, so keep this daily habit of doing basic exercise. If time permits go for a morning brisk walk which gives keeps you fit and fresh all day.

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Eating Right Food.

Managing home and work is a tough job for a mom. So it’s better to eat the right food at the correct time. Food plays an important role as it gives energy but we have to maintain a balanced diet that is filled with the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Keep a habit of eating more green leafy vegetable which is rich in iron and folic acid. Post-pregnancy lowers the level of calcium and iron intake which makes us weak and tired. So eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which keep energized all day.

We often feel more sleepy and lethargic after a heavy meal because our brain tends to get more blood supply which releases sleep hormones and tends to make us sleepy.

To avoid lethargy I suggest to have light meal in the morning filled with proteins, boiled vegetables or fruits which keeps us active during the day. Try to ditch caffeinated drinks and substitute with fruit juice or green tea.

Take a Break.

Find time for oneself is also important to be happy and to keep yourself active. I personally feel taking a break is no harm for a mom. Rather I personally take a 30-minute nap in the afternoon to give my body and mind rest. A lot of people suggested we should not sleep in the afternoon as makes you lazier. But the fact is it makes you fresh and active after a 30 minute Nap.

Keep Mind Happy.

Our Brain is such a powerful element in our body that controls the whole body system and even involuntarily makes us do things. So never ever let your brain decide what you want to do.

Take my example each night I decide to get up early and go for a walk for 40 minutes, but at that right time my brain puts me in a dilemma by deciding “It’s very cold outside why can’t I sleep for more 10 minutes”, and my walk ends there only.

Ignore petty talks and quarrels. These are the small things that eat out mental peace all day. To keep mind busy join some hobby classes where you can learn new things and be happy.

To make our mind strong, stop that psychological block saying “I can’t do ” to “I can do”, then see the difference. It’s initially tough but later it will be a habit. There is no harm to be active and happy it’s just we need to push ourselves to make some simple things like our daily habits. In fact, being active means being disease-free. Whenever our body says to get lazy just say no and try diverting your mind.