Health Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day.

Walking is a very simple form of aerobic exercise which we never take it seriously. The Cure for all disease is walking which is recommended by doctors. Steps counted during the house chores or moving inside the house are not considered as walking.

Walking is considered when we cover a certain period of time with a certain speed or distance. Make a daily routine of walking for #30 minutes, gradually try to increase the time according to your choice. Walking has a lot of health benefits, but I will point out some important benefits of walking.

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Help you in Weight Loss.

.Walking is one of the simple forms of exercise. Nearly 90 to 200 calories are burnt during 30 minutes of walking. We can burn more calories if we start 30 minutes of brisk walking at a certain rate. Walking helps to improve the metabolism rate which helps in reducing the abdominal and visceral fat. Studies have proven that proper walking and a proper diet can help us to lose more weight in a short span of time.

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Reduces Cardiovascular Disease.

Regular walking helps to decrease the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol and helps to increase the level of HDL (good) cholesterol and improves blood pressure. According to Harvard Medical School studies have proven that regular walking keeps the heart in good condition and reduces the chance of Heart Attack. Walking up to 30 minutes reduces the chance of heart attack by 18-20%.

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Lower the Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease where our blood sugar level is high. It is caused when our pancreas is incapable of producing Insulin. My aunt had a high level of blood sugar, but she controlled her sugar level by regular walking for daily an hour.

Walking is mainly recommended by Doctors for Diabetic patients to control the sugar level. the reason is walking helps in proper metabolism rate in the human body which helps in the production of insulin.  Walking helps muscles absorb blood sugar, preventing it from building up in the bloodstream and helps in reduce blood sugar levels.

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Reduces Depression and Overcomes Memory loss.

Yes! Its true Walking for 20 to 30 minutes elevates our mood. Walking for 20 minutes helps to release hormones like endorphins which act as a stress buster. People who regularly walk have 30% reduced mental health problems. Walking is really good for people who are suffering from Dementia. Regular Walking helps to improve the function of the brain which helps to overcome the problem of memory loss.

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Walking Increase the Life Span.

Dr. Mercola of Fitness Peak proves that walking daily for 30 minutes can increase the life span by 7 years. He says regular walking can trigger an anti-aging process and help in old DNA repair. A large number of death rate is caused by not being active or not doing any exercise. Doing regular activity can help in achieving more years of Life Span.

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