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How to Handle Hyper Active Kids in Home.

It’s been one and half month we are under a lock down due to Covid-19 pandemic. This lock down as given me patience to handle my 4 year hyper active daughter who does not stick to one game. I swear! that let this situation dissolve soon and get back all our life to normal. I know there might be more mother’s like me facing this situation to handle there hyper active child.

Being Hyper active is not a problem, the problem is we can’t meet there level of energy. There energy level are twice more than us as they are child with beautiful hearts and blank mind. As we are adults we have mental stress as well as physical stress which eat’s up our energy level. Hyper active kids are very spontaneous, they does not like to sit at one place. All the time either they want jump, or pull over books or mess your kitchen or just meddle with with personal belongings. So I share few tips which helped me to ease down the hyper activeness of my daughter.

Understand Your Kid.

Each Kid is different from other kid. Each kid as it’s own priorities and different taste of play. First understand what your kid like’s a lot. Some kid’s like painting some like music or let it be anything else. Just let them enjoy the activity which they like and happy to do. In the mean time just keep a look which activity keeps them calm and makes them sit at one place. My daughter loves jumping on the bed or on the couch or anything because she think’s her self as peppa who loves to jump in muddy puddle.

Indulge In Your Work.

You might feel this might be in sane but I bet you will start loving the work when you do with your kid. Give the work as a task which they take it sportively, tiny work like helping to load/unload the dishes, tidying there room/toys. It might not work with in a day’s time, but eventually they will understand and help you. In this manner we gave keep them engaged and help there energy to be utilized in a productive way.

Keep Them Busy.

Yesterday I just did bit of moderation in my daughter’s room. I placed a white board where she can stick a paper and paint anytime. For the floors I used alphabet mat to keep the tiles clean and room hazel free. Try to organise the toys in different boxes so it will be easy for them to play and easy to do tidy up. Let them room be there’s where they can manage to play, sing dance eventually you can drop by to play with them. This will lessen your cleaning job and allow kids to be busy in there own room to carry different activities.

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Let Book’s be there Friends.

Keep a habit of reading a book of story to kid at early stages. When she was 15 months , I use to take her to a library session carried out by her play group. First few sessions she did not understand anything, even I felt less interested as I realized what she might understand. Later her teacher suggested this might take few weeks to settle her in. As day’s passed my daughter fell in love with books. Each night I started reading stories, later I could find her enjoying it. Now she is 4 year old, she tells stories in her own way, only by seeing the pictures she makes her own story and tell to me.Reading books as there own benefits on kids. It’s only we have to give time. Now book’s have helped me to keep her busy in home.

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    1. sure. I preferably recommend hard bound books which as big pictures, which helps them to understand and make there own stories too.
      It wasn’t me from Canine Coper you have in Amazon.

      These are few which are really good
      Try more books written by Julia Donaldson who writes according to the age group.

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