5 Daily Habits To be Active and Fresh.

Morning when we get up our energy level are on there peak but after two hours we see drop in our energy rate and we tend to get less active. Being active means being healthy, but we tend to get more lazy to get active and fresh. I am couch potato , I use to push my work for later purpose and again blame that I am not able to make time for my self and end up getting irritated all time. Later I found simple solution for all my problems was to be active and make time for myself.

First thing First.

After we wake up from 7 to 8 hours sleep our body needs water to make our organs to get functional and active. To start our day we usually stick to drink hot tea or coffee, we think these caffeinated drinks gives us a kick start but we are doing it wrong way. Caffeinated drinks on empty stomach on 8 hours gap tend to create high acidity which weakens our body.

So start our day with two glass of plain warm water which acts as cleansing agent and help in proper bowel moment . For a variation we can add up a half a teaspoon of honey and lemon which helps in weight loss and builds immunity as lemon is rich in Vitamin C . Try to follow this simple routine for a week time soon you will see the result.

Little Stretching Little Breathing

Warm water helps us to awaken the internal body system, now let’s awaken our external body parts. It’s very important to do basic stretching and bending to move our muscles which was relaxed for 7 to 8 hours.

By doing we try to channelize proper blood circulation to each part of the body. Keep a practice of basic stretching or basic pranayama which helps to activate our cells and tissues by getting right amount of oxygen and blood for proper function of the organs.

Eating Right Food

Food plays an important role as it gives energy but we have to maintain a balance diet which is filled with right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. We often feel more sleepy and lethargic after a heavy meal its because our brain tend to get more blood supply which release sleep hormones and tends to make us sleep.

To avoid lethargy I suggest to have light meal in the morning filled with proteins, boiled vegetables or fruits which keeps us active during the day. Try to ditch caffeinated drinks and substitute with fruit juice or green tea.

Avoid Sitting for Long Time.

 Ya! It’s true, avoid sitting for long time, it makes us lazy and inactive as our muscles get sore and nub. Its better to make movement or do simple stretching after each hour during office/ home. Sitting for long time causes lot of health problems like obesity and increase in heart disease.

Sitting ideal at a single place makes us sleepier and drowsier, so better break the chain and take a break for simple stretching which even helps in proper blood circulation to all parts of body.

Psychological Block

Our Brain is such a powerful element in our body which controls the whole body system and even involuntarily makes us to do things. So never ever let your brain decide what you want to do.

Take my example each night I decide to get up early and go for a walk for 40 minutes, but at that right time my brain puts me in a dilemma by deciding “It’s very cold outside why can’t I sleep for more 10 minutes”, and my walk ends there only.

So make our mind strong, stop that psychological block saying “I can’t do ” to “I can do”, than see the difference, its initially tough but later it will be a habit. There is no harm to be active and fresh it’s just we need to push our self to make some simple things as our daily habits, in fact being active means being disease free. When ever our body says to get lazy just say no and try diverting your mind.

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