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Mother’s Day Special : Tips to be Happy and Healthy Stay at Home Mom.

Firstly “Happy Mother’s Day ” to all the Beautiful Mom.

When I was at college I was very much career oriented and fixed my self as a “Working Woman”. My dream was all ways to for Big Industries. My fate was so lucky that I did not get a single opportunity to be called as a “Working Lady”.

Yes ! I am not Working, I am “house wife” and ” stay at home mom” . This is my casual answer to my family and friends when they ask about my self. I really appreciate the comments what they judge about me, but I got used to it. At early stages it was difficult to digest to be called as “Stay at Home Mom”, but I guarantee you it is one of the difficult job as you go both physical and mental stress. Later I realized the importance of “SAHM” and found the art of being happy and stop cribbing.

I know there are many mother’s who left there job to look after there kids family, later they felt it difficult to be a SHAM. Now I found my happiness being SHAM. Finding happiness does not mean, that I get time to get glued to Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other means of entertainment.

It’s just I have maintained a schedule time table for my work chart. Try to optimize the time so that you get “ME” time too. I will list down few of my tips which worked to keep me happy and healthy “Stay at Home Mom”.

Daily and Major Task.

Other Task.

Schedule Your Work.

Being a house wife and a mother is not easy. It’s true, as all your family are totally dependent on you. Try this once when you are ill or you go out for a day, your husband will be the first person who will realize your importance soon. So it’s better to plan ahead. If needed divide your work with your partner. I always keep reminders on my phone calendar or use personal diary to make a monthly plan.

Personal Recommendation : Try this” Calendar -Family Organizer” Application.

These planner’s help you to fix monthly activities which are must to do, like buying groceries on weekends, visiting any doctor appointments or planning vacation.

Plan a Day Ahead.

Try to write down your essential major three tasks which you want finish for the next day. Before going to bed I keep a habit of writing the things which are the important task to be finished first. Like doing laundry or ironing the clothes or making plan to visit the salon. These things are not fixative, but as to be done once or twice in a week.

Meal Plan.

When ever I ask my family “what you would like to have for dinner” there lame answers are “Anything”. But the moment they come to dinning table they start making faces. It was very hard initially to fix the 3 course meal, later I found a small trick. Try make a Weekly Meal Chart which makes you easy even to buy the Monthly Groceries, Saves your Cooking time and Maintain a perfect Balance of Diet. Put up the Meal Chart On your fridge so your family member would come to know what’s there for the menu.

Daily House Chores.

It’s your home, you are the boss lady of that home. So make sure the house is clean and perfect with a happy ambiance. Decorate the home the way you like it, with flowers or lights or candles, it’s in your hand how you want your home to be. Don’t get stressed of cleaning or tidying up, daily spend 20 minutes for Vacuuming and Cleaning. Do a deep cleaning with your husband once a week so you won’t feel burdened. Stick to the time and finish the work quick. Help your self by playing your favorite playlist while wrapping up House Chores, so you won’t feel the burden of work.

Me Time

If you plan and execute the work according to the above points than definitely you can make a hour or two free for your self. In this “Me Time” try to hit a gym or go far walk, or learn something new activity which makes you happy. Go to mommy club where you find other SAHM, who share there views. As they say “Bird of same feather flock together”.

It’s my own story as I was depressed and felt alone being home and managing Kid, than my friend made me join “Mum’s and Bumps” group which was open to new mother’s to come with there little one where they shared “How they Manage time and family”. After math I made my own time table where I use to go for walk in evening or attend some baking classes. It’s just I found my time to be happy and healthy.

Optimize Monthly Budget.

When I talk about monthly budget or expenses , the cases might differ from one individual to other. It does not matter if you are not working, but you have all the contribution to support your family. Fix a monthly budget is one way to optimize or the other is keep a budget planner who tracks your expenses. The best way a SAHM can contribute is stop the unnecessary expenses and other is shop your grocery wisely. Check for free coupons or use the add on points which help you while shopping.

Learn Something New.

There is no harm to make your time more productive. Try to learn something out of interest, which helps you building your career or helps you to find happiness. During my childhood I missed learning swimming, but now I have joined swimming classes where they use to teach both mum and the baby. Yes! it’s true and I had amazing experience. Learning new activity keeps you busy and who knows they might value later too. Check these Links Below for to Earn Extra.

Voluntary Works.

This is again a personal perspective of an individual. If you love doing Voluntary or Charity work please go ahead. Plan accordingly your free time, go for half a day or an hour. This might help you earn some pocket money. Try some free article writing or show your talent as a online tutor which gives you an identity. It does not matter whether you are paid or not, important is you get happy out of the work you do.

Don’t feel embarrassed to say we are “Stay at Home Mom” because it needs lot of patience and dedication to upheld the house work at correct time. It’s not easy job to snub our emotions or depression but we choose this as a priority to be “SHAM”. Feel proud of your self at this special day as we all are loving mother’s to our kids. I swear when we just spend happy moment with our little one’s we forget our self.


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