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Potty Training: How and When to Start with Right Products.

Potty training is like achieving a milestone for Parents and Kids. It needs a lot of motivational and behavioral challenges for kids. It’s a transition phase for a kid and needs a lot of patience to potty train.

Potty training is a nightmare for all mums. Some people suggested me to start potty training early by 9 months and some said to start at the age of 4. I recommend don’t listen to anyone just starting to potty train when your kid is ready to communicate and understand you.

Is Your Kid Ready For Potty Train ?

  • Are they independent to walk, sit on the potty by themself?
  • Are they are ready to communicate?
  • Can they understand you when they show
  • Can they make difference between Dry and Wet nappy conditions?
  • Do they have regular Bowel movement? Do they show any signs before going to potty?

If your kid is able to show above all signs than he/she is perfectly ready the potty training. Potty training can be taught within a week’s time or it might take time too. Don’t rush its not rocket science give time eventually they will learn.

Simple Tips To Potty Train.

Prepare for Potty Training.

Before starting to potty train, first buy a potty chair that is comfortable and easy to clean. Try to buy a simple normal potty chair. Don’t go for a fancy one which as music and light, because it might scare away your kid. Place the potty chair in front of your kid and show them how to be used by using his/her toy. Do a pretend play or show them some videos where how other kids use it.

Mentally prepare them before you actually start the potty training. Read some books related to potty training or show them related pictures. Use some simple and familiar words to use the potty chair. When she started it was suggested to me saying it as wee and poo. So it was easy for her to tell it to me and to her teachers.

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Check Out Best Books for Potty Training : Potty

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Diaper Free.

I attended a potty-training session for mothers before my kid started her Nursery. They recommend us to leave kids diaper-free ( bare bottoms) at the home. Keep in mind accidents do happen while teaching potty training. Look for the signs, they make squeezed face or become red or even they try to hold there wee.

To avoid accidents I prefer these potty training pants which are replaced by diapers. They are easy to pull down and put back. They have waterproof lining, gentle elastics for easy pulling, and a three-layer pad to keep the bottom soft. When we were small my mom used cloth nappies (Langot) which were tedious to clean.

These hand made cloth nappies where made from cotton clothes which were stitched. Now days even these cloth nappies are replaced by reusable nappies which are hygienic and accident free. They are easy way to ditch diapers and have accident free potty training.

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Schedule Potty Breaks.

Make a habit of taking the kid to the potty chair at the correct interval time. Keep an hour gap for each potty visit. Let them use it or not, just make them sit on the potty chair for a while. By doing this they will realize that potty chair is used for a wee. One small note my mom gave me this hint, as soon as your kid gets up from nap break take them to wee. It really works too, kid prefers to go wee as soon they get up.

Keep them motivated.

The first rule of potty training is don’t lose patience some kids learn quickly, some take time. In my case, my daughter took 10 days to potty train. However, those days were difficult as I stopped taking her out so she might get confused with diapers and without diapers. To make her understand I use to show her how I use our toilet seat. Whenever she used her potty chair I rewarded her with a smiley or star on her hand.

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Don’t lose temper if an accident happens. Even we would have done the same when we were small. Don’t feel embarrassed if they do in front of others, always carry extra clothes while potty training. Even when they start Nursery put some extra clothes in the bag and let teachers know that the kid is undergoing potty training.

Note : Transition from potty chair to potty seat is also one more fight for parents. Potty seat make them scared as they get a feeling of falling in the pit. If you want to skip the potty chair and use directly the potty seat than you can follow same above steps. Only keep this in mind it will be bit difficult as you have to stand or make them sit each time when they visit loo.

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