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Setting Bedtime Routine for Babies to Better Sleep.

After a long day, people prefer a peaceful and sound sleep at night. But this does not apply to new parents who have become mum and dad. I remember my journey of motherhood when I literally use to pray god that my little one sleep’s peacefully in the night.

I had sleepless nights till she turned 6 months and gradually it got decreased. Putting a baby to sleep is not an easy task. It’s very difficult to calm a crying and fussy baby to sleep.

The first month was easy as I had a lot of family members to wake up each night and put her sleep. The second month was a nightmare, as her sense was getting more active and responding to light and sounds quickly. Then I consulted my pediatrician who recommends some tips to follow a bedtime routine to make baby sleep.

When and Why Bedtime Routine as to be followed?

Bedtime routine as to be followed for a relaxing night for you and for the baby. The sleep routine can be started after 15 days of the birth of the baby. Establishing a maintained bedtime routine helps good sleeping habits and makes baby fast asleep. Maintaining a good sleep routine helps the baby to be refreshed with a happy face.

How to Start a Bedtime Routine?

Long Day’s: Keep baby more awake in the morning.

One of the basic rules is if we don’t sleep in the daytime we tend to go to bed early by night. This rule is applicable to babies too. If we keep there morning nap time short than babies will go to sleep early by night. According to studies one-month-old baby sleeps for 14 to 17 hours with 5-daytime naps. So accordingly fix a timetable where babies can sleep lesser time in the day and go to bed early.

Calming and Soothing.

Try to calm the baby an hour early before going to bed. Fix a time for an evening bath with a good massage to the baby. Use some mild body lotions which help to relax the baby muscles. Snug them in warm and comfy clothes for them to sleep.

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Soundproof the room with a dim night.

While putting the baby to sleep make sure there is no noise in the room. Let the room be dark with a small bed light. Make a proper ventilation in the room or keep the room cool by using fan. Keep the bed or the crib clean with fresh bed lien.

Play or better even sing lullaby which makes your baby sleep. Singing lullaby as an indication that helps the baby to understand that parents are putting them to sleep.

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Feeding and Burping

Try to feed the baby properly before putting it to sleep. My suggestion is to always encourage breastfeeding before sleep. After feeding makes sure to burp the baby. Burping always helps to reduce colic in babies. Burp indicates that the baby’s stomach is filled.

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Fix the Bedtime

Keep the bedtime always fixed. Means be consistent of the time don’t change on daily bases. Make sure even you finish your house chores and go to bed as soon as baby sleep. Indulge in co sleeping which gives you rest and good sleep too.

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