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Simple and Savvy Ideas to avoid Screen Time for Kids.

Are you fed up with screen time issue with your kids ? Are your kids addicted to i pad , mobile or any other gadgets. This is a very common problem in every’s one house which is faced by all moms. Even I am also in the same boat as I get lectured daily by my mom. My mom blames me for her addiction to the gadgets. We mother’s are always used to the “blame game” it’s not new to us.

Le’t consider this, you are asked to be away from your mobile phone for 24 hours and as a reward you are given ransom amount. Will you accept this challenge? You can’t. When we adults know the pros and cons of the gadgets and still we carry our phone next to our bed. Than imagine how will you teach a four year old to stay away from the gadgets.

Yes! I let my daughter to see i pad but I have my own method to tackle the tantrums to stop the screen time addiction. It’s very simple and it needs slight shift of attention. Try to divert there mind set and try to divert your own mind set especially mother’s as you spend lot of time with your kid.

Parents please don’t try to yell or snatch there i pad it will make them more rebel and addicted to there gadgets. Avoid putting passwords, kids are far more intelligent. Don’t make them Youtube zombies rather download any educational application which helps them to learn something new.

You do “First” than I will also “DO”.

Have you heard the story of “Cap seller and the Monkey“. Practically “You” are the “Cap seller” and your “kid” is your “Monkey”. It was my personal experience with my daughter. She use to be okay till I will be playing with her, but the moment I pick my phone she use to ask for her I pad. Than I realized she wanted my attention, she wanted some one to play with her. When ever I use to take her to play or fix a play date she use to be most happy kid.

So always remember your kid follows your foot steps. First let us try to lessen our screen time rather lecturing our kids. Try to maintain a time table where you can give time to your kid. Remember if you were 90’s kid than look at your self how you have spent your childhood.

Engage more in Outdoor Activities.

Try to understand your kid’s interests which games or activities they love and happy to do it. Search for those opportunities and try engaging them, it will help to develop there skills and intellectual.Sport’s in one of the best activity which helps in proper growth of the kid.

I remember my childhood where my mom kept me busy, after finishing my school by 3:00 pm , I had my Carnatic Music classes and on alternate days Badminton classes. My entire schooling days was occupied and never realized how my childhood passed.

Kids Playing

I am trying to follow the same, my daughter loves to dance and to paint. To improve her skills I have put her to the classes where she enjoys her time. Just try to explore there interests and put it in positive direction.

Books are Your Best Friends.

Books are always your best friends, not only to kids but too adults too. Indulge in more reading. For toddlers use activity books or sticker books which help them to grow there creative instinct. Books also increases vocabulary, raises self-esteem, builds good communication skills, and helps in inter personal development.

Screen time is Good.

Yes! you heard me right screen time is good. Don’t judge me but it is also important how you use the screen time for your kids. Amid of this Covid 19 all the schools are becoming online, studies have become app based than tell me how is it wrong. I myself give an hour to two for my kid for her to learn her phonetics and numbers.

See any bad habit can’t be stopped suddenly, we have to deal slowly to leave that habit. It’s the same with the screen time, if we try to snatch the gadgets or try hiding them than kids will get more prone or addicted towards it. Better give time, let them settle in. Regardless the technology is based on gadgets, so we can’t deny it. It’s just we need to put a proper protocol for the usage.

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